Drake has been internet’s a big target. ‘Views’ that released on April 2016. Before the releasing, Drake showed some artworks for the album. That he is sitting on the CN Tower in Toronto.
drake views에 대한 이미지 검색결과

Right after, the internet showed their loyalty using Drake as a meme. People cropped Drake that sat on the CN Tower and put it everywhere.

Collaboration is on point.



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#viewsfromthesix #6god 😂😂

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Part of the campaign, there were billboard ad on Canada intention to go viral on social media. And made fans triggered by up coming album.

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All Star Weekend 2016

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He also displayed two posters at the Billy Bishop Airport with the words “four plus two equals six”. This later came to represent the release date for the album, April 2nd. (perfect plan for marketers!)


Also, to utilize on social media and reach his target – Millennials so he partnered with Snapchat. On the day Views dropped several custom Snapchat filters were added, one of which being the “Do Your Best Drake Impression” which was enormously popular.

In conclusion, Drake’s marketing strategy for the release of his album Views from the 6 was elaborate and sophisticated in Social media, and Snapchat in specific, has become a significant form for artists to show their outcome and attachment with fans.

After Drake’s View, many artist follow these path but not many of them were succeed. What matters to the artist is favor-ability to talk to the fans. And good album of course.