facebook ai에 대한 이미지 검색결과

Michael Short — Bloomberg via Getty Images


Facebook’s AI Research (FAIR) division has created the neural network capable of hearing, for example, a jazz band play a song, and then is able to output that exact song in a completely different style of music, say, as if played by a punk rock band, reports TNW. The result is nothing short of jaw-droppingly impressive–something even Facebook’s AI researchers aren’t shy of boasting about:

Our results present abilities that are, as far as we know, unheard of. Asked to convert one musical instrument to another, our network is on par or slightly worse than professional musicians. Many times, people find it hard to tell which is the original audio file and which is the output of the conversion that mimics a completely different instrument.

You can listen to a series of original inputs (songs played by a real band) and the AI’s outputs (the same song then translated into a different style) in the following video. Jump to the 4:14 mark to see a great example where an original MIDI of Elvis Presley’s “Always On My Mind” is translated into a symphony piece as if it were played by Mozart.


Source: FastCompany